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Create your own organic tea blend in few seconds!

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First, choose your taste universe with your favorite flavor, then add your favorite tea and give it a name ! 

Good Mix and enjoy your taste!

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Customize your own tea blend
Choose your flavor !*
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Wild Berries +€0.00
Organic raspberries, organic blackcurrant, organic blueberries, organic hibiscus, wild berries natural flavor
+ €0.00
Citrus +€0.00
Organic orange, organic lime, organic grapefruit, organic lemongrass, lime natural flavor
+ €0.00
Tropic +€0.00
organic papaya, organic banana, organic coconut, organic hibiscus, passion fruit natural flavor
+ €0.00
Superfruits +€0.00
organic grapefruit, organic goji berries, organic blueberries, organic yerba mate, pineapple natural flavor
+ €0.00
Breakfast +€0.00
organic ginseng, organic orange, organic grapefruit, citrus natural flavor
+ €0.00
Fresh +€0.00
Organic mint, organic lemongrass, organic star anise, organic grapefruit, mint natural aroma
+ €0.00
Green +€0.00
Organic yerba mate, organic lemongrass, organic lime, pineapple natural flavor
+ €0.00
Ayurvedic +€0.00
Organic ginger, organic cinnamon, organic apple, organic orange, citrus natural flavor
+ €0.00
Sweet +€0.00
Organic coconut, organic cocoa pods, organic banana, chocolate natural flavor
Select your tea*
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Organic Black tea Darjeeling +€0.00
Organic black tea darjeeling from india, it has a flowery and powerful taste
+ €0.00
Organic green tea darjeeling +€0.00
The organic green tea darjeeling is known to be one of the most herbaceous tea
+ €0.00
Organic Oolong +€0.00
Also called blue tea, Organic oolong can be enjoyed during evening because of it's low caffeine. It's taste is sweet and flowery
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